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Writing Thank You Notes

Sweepers can help you write hand-written letters.

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Have a lot of thank you notes or letters to write?

Maybe you got married or had a baby. Or perhaps your business wants to send holiday cards to top clients.

Whatever the case, you can save hours of writing time while delivering personal, handwritten notes to those important to you.

With hundreds of Sweepers seeking work, we can even seek a Sweeper that matches your handwriting!

Sweepers often love working this type of job as it is interesting and not as physically difficult as something like moving or mulching! As a client, if you want to provide a template and have all letters match, we can follow that instruction. Or, if you want to make them personal or give some creative leverage, smart Sweepers can do some original writing within your bounds.

As fewer people and busineses are writing physical mail, the appreciation and returns are increaasing. If you want to make an impact with handwritten notes, Sweepers would be happy to help!

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Local Homeowner

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We hired a Sweeper to help write thank you notes after our wedding. Sweeps was able to find someone that had similar handwriting and was able to get the notes written in days (and without anyone knowing)! What a timesaver!
Kelly P.
Kelly P.
Local Homeowner

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December 26, 2021
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