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Sweeps has been a proud partner of Fearrington Cares for several years. Seniors in the Triangle area of North Carolina are able to utilize Sweepers through the partnership.

Fearrington Cares is a unique program created more than 30 years ago; our mission is to help residents of Fearrington Village live healthy and meaningful lives. Aging in Place is a popular option for many seniors, and finding the right help is a necessity.

Sweepers can help with tasks like cleaning and tidying, errands, yard work, moving, walking the dog, and much more. We also often help with tech issues, such as new phones, email, printers, or other topics. Many seniors rely on Sweepers to fulfill these daily tasks to continue to live a thriving and enjoyable life.

Family members also often take advantage of Sweeps to help their loved ones. While the burden is especially different when families are far away, even family members close by are not always able to assist with the daily tasks necessary.

We are proud at Sweeps to partner with orgnaizations such as Fearrington Cares and to be an integral life of seniors in our markets. Younger, able-bodied people often are thrilled to be able to help, and the connections made between Sweepers and seniors often benefit both.

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Fearrington Cares

Fearrington Cares

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We are thrilled to be able to work with Sweeps to deliver senior care to our members. Sweeps has been a big help. For example, Jalil was an absolutely delightful sweeper; 5 stars to smiling hardworking Jalil L!! He pitched in everywhere he saw a need and was a fun to talk to as well!
Karen M.
Karen M.
Senior Care Leader

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July 7, 2021
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