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Ikea and Furniture Assembly

Sweepers can help assemble your Ikea products and other furniture at your home and office.

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Furniture that requires assembly, often from vendors such as Ikea and Wayfair, are more popular than ever. They are inexpensive and can look great. They definitely come with a catch though - assembly can be tricky and time consuming.

That is where Sweepers are able to assist. We can take over the assembly completely, or be an extra hand as needed. If equipment is needed, you can add items like a drill and toolkit when posting a job, or, if you have your own we can provide labor only service.

As you can see in the gallery below, Sweepers have put together everything from phone booths to outdoor swimming pools! Whether you need 1 worker for 1 hour, or a team of Sweepers for days to open an office, we can be your on-demand staff.

Many Sweepers' favorite jobs are actually assembly. It can be like a big lego set, and the problem solving aspect can be challenging and engaging. Even if you do not have all of the parts of the instructions handy, most directions can now be found online or on Youtube. With patience and how-to skills, Sweepers are able to get just about any assembly job done.

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It was great working with Will. Will worked great as a teammate and worked hard to get the job done. We lifted a lot of heavy objects together and had to come up with a few creative solutions to finish off a modular assembly. Would love to work with Will again in the future.
 Kaushal S.
Kaushal S.
Local Homeowner

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October 19, 2022
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