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Education related work is perhaps our most fulfilling, and therefore some of our and our Sweepers' favorite jobs.

While many think of tutoring as related to high school or other young students, we sincerely admire the ethics and motivation of lifelong learners, and are glad to be able to partner clients young and old to assist. Helping out the elderly with technology for example is a common and useful job that we do.

With a team of hundreds of smart, friendly workers, we are able to teach a wide variety of subjects. Sweepers are able to meet wherever is most useful. That could be your home, a local library, a sports field, or virtually via Zoom or Google Meet. We can also schedule once for an hour, or setup recurring appointments. Sweeps can provide the personal, attentive learning assistance to really accelerate learning.

As a smal cross-section, we have assisted customers on some of the following education related work:

  • Business: how to use social media, analytics, research, etc.
  • Foreign Languages: Chinese, French, Spanish, etc.
  • Learning Habits: focus, environment, habits
  • Sports: hire a student-athlete to learn the basics or advanced techniques for sports like baseball, basketball, football, soccer, and more.
  • Subject Related Work: such as high school math (geometry, calculus, algebra, etc.), English, social studies, etc.
  • Technology: how to use your phone, printer, email, computer, etc.
  • Test Prep, such as SAT, AP Exams, even the Bar Exam!

From SAT prep to social media marketing, Sweepers are standing by. Let us know what you or your child are looking to learn and we can help find the right Sweeper.

How Sweeps Works

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1. Post a Job
Posting is free, easy, and only takes a few minutes. Sweepers in your area are notified and matched to your job.
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2. Confirm Details
Review Sweeper profiles and job details before confirming. It's easy to edit, comment, or reschedule at any point.
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3. Sweepers Get to Work
Sweepers arrive on-time, ready to work and follow instructions until the job is done.
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4. Pay & Review
After the job, you will be asked to review Sweeper timesheets and performance, and pay online.

Customer Reviews

Sweeps by the Numbers

Years in Business
We got our start in 2006 as a family cleaning company in Raleigh, and have been working jobs nearly every day since then.
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Join over 5,000 clients, from Fortune 500 companies to local homeowners - including one that has used Sweeps for over 1,000 jobs!
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We work with the following types of partners in the
Local Schools
Retirement Communities

Customer Review

Karla M.

Karla M.

Local Parent

Joshua came prepared and ready to work. He was patient and kind to my daughter. She said that she felt like he explained the work well and now she feels more confident.

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We also work the following related categories of jobs:

Real Customer Reviews

One of over 10,000 five-star reviews from Sweeps Customers. Read more Reviews

He got down to business and quickly found a way to prop up my rose bush by putting a hook on my deck privacy fence ledge with some rope tied to the tree which could then be hauled upright. He also helped improve my storage room door's strike plate which prevented me from closing the door tight. He also looked at the Japanese panel I want hung on my wall to see if it would be too heavy or not. He said that if he could find the studs, it would probably work. So that may happen after my upcoming hip surgery.
Judith B.
David M.
Read Job Details
David M. Profile Photo
Mark moved 2 pallets of hardwood flooring for us, from our garage to the 2nd floor of the house. The boxes of hardwood were heavy, but he completed the work quickly and efficiently. Awesome!
Joni M.
Mark R.
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Mark R. Profile Photo
Alexander did an excellent job. He arrived on time and immediately started working. He was professional and courteous and moved all of my items with great care. I highly recommend his services.
Laney O.
Alexander R.
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Alexander R. Profile Photo

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What is Sweeps?
Sweeps provides delightful movers and more.
What kind of work do you do?
We match workers with jobs like moving, events, and tutoring for local homes and businesses.
What does it cost?
We charge by the hour, and on some jobs for travel and equipment. More at our pricing page.
Is it free to post a job?
Yes, you only pay when you are satisfied after the job is complete.
How do I get started?
Get started by Posting a Job or Contacting Us.
How long does the process take?
It only takes minutes to post a job, and we can have workers on-site within hours.
How does payment work?
We require a credit card when you post a job. Payment is secure and cashless after the job is complete.
Where do you work?
Check out our Locations page.
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