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Conference Event Staffing at Convention Center

Sweeps assists with conference logistics and odd jobs at the Raleigh Convention Center.

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In early June 2022, a customer partnered with Sweeps to provide a flexible staff to assist them as a vendor at a conference at the Raleigh Convention Center.

The exact job description was: "We will need on-site support from Sunday, June 5th through Thursday, June 9th. Time frame will be around 8:00a start time and 8:00p end time (varies per day). Mainly labor support - moving boxes, setting up items and tables, then also a few customer-facing sweepers handing out name badges on Tuesday, the 7th for a window of time. We will also need support moving boxes to an alternate location via truck Thursday PM. This event is taking place at the Raleigh Convention Center - all space."

Sweeps was able to provide the needed workers quickly that fit the criteria of the customer. This included different numbers of workers working different hours on each day. Multiple times during the event, the scope of what was needed by the client changed and we were able to quickly accommodate the change.

More than enough workers were available, as many Sweepers enjoy this type of work. As mostly college students and recent graduates, many Sweepes enjoy the relationship building and learning that comes with this type of job. They are also able to do behind the scenes work like moving boxes and setting up tables, along with client facing work such as providing nametags and even running the booth.

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The Special Event Company

The Special Event Company

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Sweeps has been a great provider of talent for our events. We have an ongoing need for flexible staffing and Sweeps has been able to provide great people on a tight dadline.
Keri G.
Keri G.
Executive Producer

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June 5, 2022
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