Sweeps helps you get things done.

Connect with a flexible workforce to complete hourly jobs and projects.

For workers (Sweepers), Sweeps offers flexible, meaningful job opportunities.

Our premise is simple: provide meaningful opportunities for Sweepers. They in-turn will provide reliable, delightful service to customers.

Whether you need moving, tech help, or SAT prep, Sweepers are smart, motivated, and ready to assist.

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We have ongoing work opportunities. Join us.

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Core Values

Sweeper seated in a home
To foster a beneficial and sustainable community.
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To act with integrity and curiosity.
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To love what we do and do what we love.
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Sweeps is proud to be an Orange County Living Wage certified employer.

Our History

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Why is our name Sweeps? We got our start as a Raleigh, NC cleaning company in 2004.

Some things have changed in the ensuing years, but the premise of providing meaningful work at a reasonable price with a commitment to customer service has remained the same.

  • 2004: Sweeps formed as a Raleigh cleaning company by mother & son Mary Lou and Morris Gelblum.
  • 2010: Sweeps expands scope to offer more services: whatever a college student can get done.
  • 2010-Today: Sweeps continues to invest in workers and technology to provide a thoughtful experience and meaningful work across different categories and campuses.
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Our Team

We are a small, remote team.

Group of four Sweepers preparing for work
Getting things done.
📍 Locations
Alex Averell
Alexander Averell
Business Development
Jacob Fatheree
Jacob Fatheree
Business Development
Sean Fatheree
Customer Support‍
Mary Lou Gelblum
Mary Lou Gelblum, PhD
Morris Gelblum
Morris Gelblum
Co-Founder, CEO
Bryce Holcomb
Bryce Holcomb
Software Engineer

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