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Cleaning Out & Moving a Chicken Coop

Sweepers can help with bulky projects such as moving chicken coops!

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Sweeps gets requests for all sorts of jobs, particularly moving buky or big items.

A surprisingly comon one of these requests is to move chicken coops!

Raising backyard chickens is increasingly popular, and the need to move them has risen as well. There are also a lot of people that start raising chickens and abandon it...and then have a chicken coop to dismantle and remove!

WIthout judgment Sweepers would be happy to help move or remove your chicken coop!

If you have a truck or trailer or vehicle, that is fine and we can provide labor only. Or, if you need a truck or trailer, you can add equipment while posting a job.

If you need help moving a coop or another big item, get in touch!

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Local Homeowner

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Spencer was great! This was a tough job - cleaning out and moving a chicken coop - and he did it with a smile and a LOT of elbow grease. He was able to work independently and figure out what needed to be done when even we did not know what needed to be done (1st time for us too!). Very personable and would be able to work well on any job with any type of person. He's a keeper!
Susan K.
Susan K.
Local Homeowner

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June 16, 2022
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