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If you are like most of us, you may have some extra stuff laying around the garage, attic, or basement (or perhaps all three).

While spring is famous for cleaning, hauling the old away is a great project all year round. Sweepers with pickup trucks are available to assist with hauling whatever you need taken away. We can take items to local waste facilities, thrift shops, other people, or wherever you prefer.

In the past 10+ years, there is little that we have not hauled away. From albums to motorcyles to old newspapers to yard waste, Sweepers are standing by to help you free up your space.

Most municipalities have a waste center that things can be hauled to. Check with your local station to see what they accept and if there are fees. For example some leaded paint or other hazardous materials have to be treated differently. Just about anything can be thrown out though, and strong Sweepers with big trucks and trailers would bhe happy to assist.

Sweepers are adept at piling items high into the trucks (using straps for safety) and clearing your space. Those in the real estate profession willl know well how much stuff is often taken away when properties turn over, and are a common client of ours. We also often help those in the senior moving industry to help people downsize and get rid of the old.

When you post a job, it is easy to add a pickup truck. You can even have multiple workers with multiple pickup trucks if you prefer.

Whether it is your old elementary school homework, or the treadmill that was only used once, we would be happy to help you haul!

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Local Homeowner

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Charlie did a great job hauling heavy items don't from the 3rd floor attic and up from the crawl space, loading them onto a truck, and taking them to waste disposal/recycling centers and thrift shop. He was very conscientious, hard-working, and friendly. I am pleased to recommend Charlie.
Noel D.
Noel D.
Local Homeowner

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November 1, 2022
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