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Dismantle Back Deck

Sweepers can help dismantle and take down decks, playground equipment, and more.

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While we are able to assist on jobs as small as one worker for an hour, other times we get calls for projects that will take a team of workers a week of work.

One example of the bigger scopes was a demolition project at a home. As is often the case in real estate, the buyer of a home had a lot of improvements in mind when they contacted Sweeps. The property they purchased had been basically abandoned, with a huge back deck being unusable and dangerous.

Sweeps was able to estimate the project, and have a team of workers with equipment and trucks to haul the old wood get the project done.

If you have a home or office project, we would be happy to do the same. If you are there to manage it and provide equipment, that works great and we will follow instructions. Or, if you want to delegate it all, we can provide equipment and manage the project.

Whether you have a deck to demolish (or an old playground or porch or bench), we would be happy to lend some hands and pickup trucks to help!

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Local Homeowner

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Sweeps did a great job dismantling our huge back deck. We got several quotes for the project and Sweeps was a great fit for our needs and got the job done.
Lee D.
Lee D.
Local Homeowner

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July 18, 2019
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