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Leaf Cleanup

Sweeps can assist with leaf cleanup at your home and business.

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Just like the sun rising in the morning, we at Sweeps can count on leaf cleanup jobs every autumn.

Some customers get in touch early and schedule a Sweeper to come each week for the season. Other times we are contacted with a yard cleanup project on an abandoned property that will take a team of Sweepers several days. Whatever the scope, Sweepers are happy to assist.

If you have equipment, that is fine and we can provide labor only assistance. Or, you can request equipment such as a rake, wheelbarrow, leaf blower, and truck or trailer. We can also run to the store to pickup yard bags or other items and expense them on timesheets.

An important thing to keep in mind with leaf cleanup are the services and policies of your local municipality. For example, in some locations a big truck comes by and vacuums up the leaves, so all that we have to do is create piles near the street. In other cities, yard waste is picked up, but needs to be in a certain type of bag (like a transparent bag or a paper one). In others, there is no city help whatsoever and we come prepared with a truck or trailer to haul the yard debris away.

Whatever the case may be at your home or business, we would be happy to assist. Get in touch to make your leaves disappear!

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Local Homeowners

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This was my first time using Sweeps. The college senior, Austin, arrive on time, did an excellent job cleaning up the fallen leaves and pine needles, and was very pleasant to work with. The price was very fair and I look forward to using Sweeps again.
Adriane H.
Adriane H.
Local Homeowner

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November 12, 2022
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