Sweeps Job Board

Fill your Part-time, Internship, and Full-time jobs with the Sweeps Job Board.

From dog-sitting to sales ambassadors, we are constantly recruiting job-seekers and can help fill your positions.

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Hire great candidates with the Sweeps Job Board.

Tens of thousands of college students and other job seekers come to Sweeps to find flexible work.

We constantly recruit on-campus, at career fairs, and online to find quality, reliable candidates to work hourly jobs such as moving, events, and more. However, we never had a great solution for families and businesses that were hiring for part-time jobs, internships, and full-time jobs.

We launched Sweeps Positions to bridge this gap and provide a solution to connect job-seekers with open jobs outside of Sweeps.

You can get your position in front of job-seekers now at to Sweeps Job Board, and get a turn-key hiring solution with Agency Service.

Hire your next candidate with Sweeps Positions.

Positions we Fill

Sweeps workers can fill a variety of positions in many industries, including:
Sweepers are eager to enter the workforce and gain experience.
Brand Ambassadors
Business Internships
Customer Service
Moving Company Staffing
Sales Reps
Seasonal Businesses
... and more!
You can hire Sweepers for ongoing work for your home and family.
Dog Walking
Home Organizing
Home Cleaning
Senior Care
Yard Maintenance
... and more!
Sweepers are often great candidates for the following hospitality Positions.
Catering Staffing
Event Staffing
Restaurant Staffing
Retail Staffing
... and more!

Sweeps Job Board

Get your position in front of thousands of job-seekers with the Sweeps Job Board, and gain expert hiring help from our team with our Agency Service.

Job Board

Job Board
Post a Position and Candidates will come to you.
Part-Time Position
$49.00 per post
Internship Position
$49.00 per post
Full-Time Position
$99.00 per post

Agency Service

Agency Service
Get help recruiting and filtering Candidates for your Position.
Recruiting for your Position.
Recommended Candidates based on your criteria.
Background Check, MVR, and Identity Verification available.
Part-Time Position
Placement Fee per Candidate hired, contact us for details.
*Note: a current Position must be posted to the Sweeps Job Board for Agency Services.

Common Questions

What is the Sweeps Job Board?
The Sweeps Job Board is a place to post your part-time, internship, and full-time positions.
What are Sweeps Agency Services?
Sweeps Agency Services is a high-touch product where we help you recruit and recommend candidates to fill your Position.
How is the Sweeps Job Board different from hourly Sweeps jobs?
If you need help for hourly jobs such as moving, events, and projects, Post a Job. Workers will be assigned to your job and the messaging, timesheet, payment, etc. processes are conducted on the Sweeps' platform.

If you are hiring for a part-time, internship, or full-time position, Post a Position. Candidates will contact you directly and you can choose who to hire.
How much does it cost to post a Position?
Prices start at $49 to post a Position and Positions remain posted for 30 days. Start Posting a Position to see current pricing
How does it work? Why should I post a Position on the Sweeps Job Board?
Posting to the Sweeps Job Board can help you find the right candidates for your organization or family.

Alongside hourly work, thousands of Sweepers are seeking internships, part-time, and full-time Positions.

We are constantly recruiting workers and can fill a wide variety of roles. Popular Positions include family caregiving, administrative support, sales reps/student ambassadors and more.

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