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Snow Shoveling

Sweepers are happy to help shovel snow from your home and business.

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Whether in North Carolina where snow shoveling is perhaps an annual event, or in Nebraska or Minnesota where it is a recurring job, Sweepers are happy to help you shovel snow from your homes and businesses.

Shoveling sidewalks, walkways and driveways is a necessity for safety and mobility during winter weather.

Many of our clients are not physically able to do this kind of work, and Sweepers are more than happy to help a neighbor and make some extra money. If this means one Sweeper for one hour for a small walkway, or a team to clear out a long driveway, workers are available to help.

If you have a snow shovel, that is fine and we can just provide the labor. Or, we can add a snow shovel for an extra fee. We can also help with related work such as food delivery, preparing your automobile for driving, and handling routine tasks such as taking out recycling.

The next time snow is falling, think of Sweeps if you could use an extra hand.

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Local Homeowners

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Conner was terrific. He worked very heard to hack away at the ice packed snow on my front steps and the sidewalk down to the street. Despite the cold, he broke a sweat which really indicated to me how hard he was working. It was fun, too, that the Durham Hearald News came to interview and video tape Connor doing the work. He also asked me some questions about how I got involved with Sweeps. I invited Connor in for coffee cookies and we had a a good chat about all kinds of things. It was a pleasure to meet him and have him work here.
Judith B.
Judith B.
Local Homeowner

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December 25, 2021
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