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50 Worker Washington DC Move-in

Sweepers helped open a new student housing facility.

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Sweeps has been assisting college student move-ins for years. Most projects are small, a few movers for all-day or perhaps a few days at local apartment buildings and dorms.

However, some of these projects are huge and call for special attention. For example in August 2022, a new building opening at George Washington University in Fairfax, Virginia called for over 50 workers to assist with move-in.

The logistics around parking, lunch, dress, etc. can get difficult with this many people, and this is where Sweeps' experience and technology play a big part. We partner with our clients to learn about the project over in-person or Zoom meetings, and start preparing months out. We recruit in the area, assign managers, and overfill the job to accommodate the inevitable last-minute withdrawals.

With our system, we are able to quickly push out updates to workers via email, text, calls, and Job-messaging. We also often create Youtube instructional videos about where to park, meet, etc. This way, move-in days, though always hectic, can go A LOT smoother. We make sure all workers are on-time, dressed appropriately, and of course are respectful and diligent at work.

If you or your team are opening a new building or managing property, recruiting, hiring, and onboarding 50 people for a one-day project is nearly impossible. With Sweeps, it is just a phone call away. Get in touch if you have projects coming up and need workers.

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George Washington University

George Washington University

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Sweeps knocked our move-in out of the park this year! We have worked with Sweeps for years on projects across the country, and are always impressed. They learn and improve and we could not manage move-in day without them.
Amanda S.
Amanda S.
Regional Manager

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August 19, 2022
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