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Taking Items to the Thrift Store

Sweeps can help you organize and take items to nearby thrift stores.

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Keeping your home and office organized and decluttered can feel like a full-time job.

While Sweepers would be happy to help you clean, organize, and haul away items, there are often times that items remain that have value but you do not want around any more. That is a perfect opportunity to hire Sweepers to take items to donate to your local thrift store / Goodwill / consigment store.

Whether you have the items ready and just need a Sweeper with a car or truck, or if taking items is just part of a whole home organization, we are happy to help.

It is easy to add equipment to your job such as a car, truck, or trailer, and our minimum job is only one Sweeper for an hour.

If you have a preferred destination for your items, that is great and we will follow instructions. Or, if you just want them gone, that is fine too and we will do the research of who will accept items. This often means taking different items to different places. For example thrift stores may not accept everything, so we can drop some things off there and haul others to a waste facility.

This type of job is also often needed as part of moving or downsizing, or along with moving other items to storage units.

The reverse of this job is also typical, deliving items such as furniture and couches to you from the thrift store (or

If you need help taking items to a thrift store, get in touch!

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Local Homeowner

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Charlie did a great job hauling heavy items don't from the 3rd floor attic and up from the crawl space, loading them onto a truck, and taking them to waste disposal/recycling centers and thrift shop. He was very conscientious, hard-working, and friendly. I am pleased to recommend Charlie.
Noel D.
Noel D.
Local Homeowner

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March 15, 2022
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