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The events industry is a difficult one. Days and weeks can go by without much action, and then all of a suddent dozens of workers are needed day after day day or week after week. Whether you throwing a birthday party or your business is hosting a conference, Sweepers can help at your event.

We have experience recruiting dozens of workers with a quick turnaround in locations across the country. We can also match different criteria, such as dress code or skills. For example, we have worked corporate events that required workers know card games like poker, and of course provide workers with bartending and serving experience.

Many in the events industry have an on-call group of workers, and we support that. We often step in when those workers are not enough, or perhaps are not able to show at the last minute. Or, if your business handles events at multiple locations, we can make the staffing part of your business a breeze.

Sweepers often complete tasks from start to finish, such as setup, serving, booth work, and cleanup. We can even help before the event starts with organizing and mailing or tracking who has replied.

Events are one of the most popular jobs for Sweepers to work. They are often easier than heavy lifting, and the social aspect can be a lot of fun for workers. We can assist with as little as one worker for one hour, or up to dozens of workers for a week!

In some areas we have developed partnerships with event spaces as well, such as conference centers, hotels, and other locations that have an ongoing need for workers. Similarly, event professionals such as caterers and wedding planners sometimes need to hire many people at once. If your business relies on keeping your space ready, or preparing for a wedding, you may not have experience recruiting, onboarding, managing, and paying dozens of workers at a time. This is a good opportunity to outsource workers to companies like Sweeps.

Please get in touch if you have an event coming up and we would be thrilled to discuss details.

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Nick was a pleasure to work with. He served hors d'oeuvres throughout our party, working both as the server and in the kitchen warming them up before serving them. He was very polite and easy to work with. I would definitely hire him again.
Tammy F.
Nick Z.
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Nick Z. Profile Photo
Manetta was a fantastic help, professional, asked questions when she needed guidance, but mostly knew exactly what to do. Thank you so much Manetta for your help and for taking some photos! Manetta and Colleen worked well together.
Jennifer S.
Manetta G.
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Manetta  G. Profile Photo
Jessie was polite, professional and ready to work. We look forward to working with him again on our next event-he did a great job and was friendly to our guests and we immediately felt like he was one of our team members.
Mary H.
Jessie R.
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Jessie R. Profile Photo
I Highly recommend Jay. He arrived early to ensure he was ready to start the job at the designated time. He followed the directions to the letter and completed all tasks within the allotted 2 hour timeframe . Jay is polite, friendly, and a genuine pleasure to work with. I would hire Jay again without hesitation.
Kate G.
Jay J.
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Jay J. Profile Photo
Very experienced event personal. Wonderful personality and beautiful spirit. Alaina was great at every tasks we assigned to her. She was very energetic throughout the whole event. We look forward to working with her again! Thank Alaina!
Jacqueline W.
Alaina K.
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Alaina K. Profile Photo

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Sweepers arrive on-time, ready to work and follow instructions until the job is done.
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4. Pay & Review
After the job, you will be asked to review Sweeper timesheets and performance, and pay online.

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Bob W.

Bob W.

Event Customer

Qualia and Kezia were great at setting up food and drinks for our event. They have a great artistic flair for arranging platters, cheese boards, etc. and figured out what needed to be done and just did it.

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What is Sweeps?
Sweeps provides delightful movers and more.
What kind of work do you do?
We match workers with jobs like moving, events, and tutoring for local homes and businesses.
What does it cost?
We charge by the hour, and on some jobs for travel and equipment. More at our pricing page.
Is it free to post a job?
Yes, you only pay when you are satisfied after the job is complete.
How do I get started?
Get started by Posting a Job or Contacting Us.
How long does the process take?
It only takes minutes to post a job, and we can have workers on-site within hours.
How does payment work?
We require a credit card when you post a job. Payment is secure and cashless after the job is complete.
Where do you work?
Check out our Locations page.
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