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Sweeps can help grow your business with brand ambassadors.

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With hundreds of Sweepers ready to work, Sweeps can help you grow your business with brand ambassadors.

Local and national brands have long turned to college students to represent their firms on campus and help spread the word. Brand and campus ambassadors can be a great, creative way to get the word out, but it can be difficult to find, onboard, manage, and pay the workers.

Sweeps has a presence on many college campuses, and we recruit more Sweepers daily. Many of these Sweepers jump at the oppotunity to work in sales and marketing. These opportunities help them gain experience, are often more fun than other jobs such as moving or yard work, and can be a great chance for them to meet people.

If you choose Sweeps for a brand ambassador project, we will schedule a call to discuss the scope criteria needed for the campaign. We will then recruit and match Sweepers to the project. Sometimes the projects require things like training meetings or specific outfits, and we will work with your team to make the project a success. This could mean handing out items at football games or sports events, handing out fliers on campus, walking around to local businesses, or whatever you think is best.

The campaigns themselves can last for months at one location, or could be a one-time event on multiple campuses at once for a launch.

If your business is ready to grow, get in touch with Sweeps to assist with your Brand Ambassador program!

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Local Consumer Brand

Local Consumer Brand

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We partnered with Sweeps to find Brand Ambassadors for our business. They were able to find great talent on multiple locations and help us expand our business!
Mary M.
Mary M.

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September 17, 2022
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