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Could your property use some love? Spreading mulch is an relatively easy, cost effective way to beautify and your yard healthy.

Experts recommend to mulch in mid to late spring, but you can also add mulch in fall and winter to keep the soil warmer and protect your plants. Really, anytime can work to mulch! Mulch can also help with runoff, keeping your yard from being a muddy wasteland.

Similarly, if you have a farm or working property, but do not have heavy machinery, spreading and baling hay can be a herculean task without extra hands.

Check your local municipality to see if they have a yard waste center. You can often get mulch by the truckload at a great price, and Sweepers with pickup trucks can even swing by and get the loads. This can save a lot of money compared to buying bags at local garden or hardware stores.

If you have the rakes and shovels and wheelbarrows needed to spread the mulch, great, Sweepers can provide the labor. If not, that is fine too, you can add those equipment options when Posting a Job and Sweepers can provide them.

Overall, mulching is one of the best 'bang for your buck' options to improve your property and does not require much maintenance.

Whether you need one Sweeper for an hour to spread a bag of mulch, or a team to spread truckloads, we are happy to help. Get in touch with us if you want to explore getting a mulching project done!

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Local Homeowner

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Ben was SO HELPFUL! He met me at Lowes right on time, loaded up mulch, then uploaded it up our VERY steep driveway, and spread it. He was a yard perfectionist and I totally appreciated that. He should do lots more jobs for Sweeps!!
Perri K.
Perri K.
Professional Organizer

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November 15, 2021
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