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Maintaining your property can be a lot of work, especially if you want a garden full of flowers or a bounty of vegetables.

Sweepers have been assiting local homeowners keep their property tame and beautiful for years, and would be thrilled to assist you.

Whether you want a small area weeded by hand, or a huge property cut down after years of neglect, we are able to help. We also have workers that know gardening well, and are able to plant, prune, and deliver gorgeous results.

If you have all the equipment needed, great, Sweepers can arrive and get to work with labor only. Or, if you do not have any equipment, or are not even on-site or in-state, that is fine too. You can select equipment options when Posting a Job at Sweeps and add items such as shovels, wheelbarrors, lawn mowers, weed trimmers and more.

There are often projects to be done throughout the year. From planting and preparing in spring, to raking leaves in the fall, and we are able to get your projects done throughout the year.

Many municipalities have yard waste facilities to take items to, and we can haul the yard waste there. There are also often mulching facilities available if you want to mulch an area.

Some Sweepers prefer to work outside, and being able to tend your garden and beautify your property is downright fun for them.

Whether on a one-time project or an ongoing basis, If you have a yard to maintain, please get in touch with Sweeps!

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Local Homeowners

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Colin arrived on time and did a great job: efficient, careful, and good at checking in/communicating . I plan to have him come back to do more things. It was a nice bonus that he has plant knowledge he can bring to gardening/landscape work.
Rebecca W.
Rebecca W.
Local Homeowner

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March 10, 2022
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