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Catering companes, like many types of businesses in the events industry often have surges of demand that can be difficult to staff for.

While normal days and weeks may call for a few staff members, there can be large events or seasonal demand that requires staffing up quickly.

Sweeps has been able to partner with local catering companies to step-in as on-demand staff for these occasions. With thousands of workers available, Sweeps is able to accommodate a wide variety of projects and tasks.

For example, during the week of big events, we often assist the kitchen staff and help prepare. During the day of events, a bigger team is often required to help setp, prepare, serve, bartend, and cleanup. We often even return after the event with pickup trucks to haul things away and generally return to the event site to pristine condition.

If your company has surges of demand and requires temporary workers, get in touch with Sweeps for the next project!

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Indulge Catering Company

Indulge Catering Company

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Super stars as always! We love having Sweepers on the team!
Jacqueline W.
Jacqueline W.
Sous Chef and Entrepreneur

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November 16, 2022
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