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For retail businesses, the holiday season can be a huge success, with a crushing amount of work.

A retail client approached Sweeps to assist with packaging, wrapping, and shipping hundreds of products to accommodate their busy holiday season. A team of Sweepers learned how to get the job done, and quickly got to work. They formed an efficient assembly line (see the gallery below), and were able to get the products out the door on-time.

If your company deals with surges in demand during a particular season or from a major order, it can be difficult or impossible to get done without outside help. Sweeps can be your partner to work through how many workers are needed, and make sure that qualified Sweepers are on the job. We deal with the recruiting, onboarding, payment, and no-shows to make sure everything goes smoothly. Think of Sweeps the next time you have a big project coming through the pipeline!

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Small Retail Business in NC

Small Retail Business in NC

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Sweepers arrived early to assist with moving boxes and were very helpful! We were able to pack and ship hundreds of boxes to our clients for a virtual event.
Amber C.
Amber C.
Event Producer

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November 6, 2020
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