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Moving related jobs are the most common jobs that we work at Sweeps.

A significant amount of these jobs are moving in and out of apartments and townhomes. Many other moving moving companies have expensive minimum jobs and extra costs around stairs, etc. that we at Sweeps do not.

Sweeps' minimum charge is only 1 Sweeper for 1 hour, and there are no hidden fees. So, if you have a small move, we could be a great option.

On the other end of the spectrum, we at Sweeps also work many projects at apartment buildings where we provide a team of workers on move-in days.

If you have equipment, that works well and we can provide labor only work. Or, if you need equipment, we can add a hand truck or other items. We can also provide pickup trucks to move between locations or haul things away.

We also provide other relevant services, such as furniture assembly, cleaning, painting, and more.

Whatever projects you need completed at your apartment or townhome, we would be happy to assist!

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Local Apartment Renter

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Luke B. and Jacob R. are two of the best people you can have to help move you into a new apartment in a new town. On time, very professional and knowledgeable about 'things to do.' Best part is that they don't give you a hard time for trying to fit too much stuff in a small apartment. Kudos on positive reinforcement guys and making me think anything is possible. lol. You are the best. Definitely want you guys on the next one.
Michael H.
Michael H.
Local Apartment Renter

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June 30, 2022
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