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50 Mover Atlanta Move-in

A team of 50 Sweepers assisted on move-in day at a Georgia Tech student housing facility.

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For several years now, Sweeps has partnered with a student housing real estate company to provide assistance on move-in day.

Student housing has the unique attribute of all residents moving in on one day, which creates significant logistical planning and physical work to do.

Partnering with Sweeps helps ease the burden on management, and creates a memorable perk for residents to have a helping hand on move-in.

For the last two years, Sweeps has provided 50+ movers at the Inspire Atlanta Apartments right across from the Georgia Tech campus.

On projects like this, we typically discuss the scope via emails and Zoom meetings to make sure we understand the scope. Then we start recruiting to have a team with backups ready for move-in day. On move-in day itself, we usually have a Sweeps manager on-site with a tent, along with moving equipment, t-shirts, a banner, and more.

We also have a team working remotely to constantly message and update Sweepers with any updates, such as around parking or daily logistics.

On these projects we covered parking expenses and provided pizza to provide an easy experience for workers. We also create an instructional video and track viewership to make sure all workers are on the same page before the moving day ever starts.

This preparation allows for successful moving days and for us to adapt as things change on what are often chaotic events. We are happy that our moving partners come back to Sweeps year after year at properties across the country.

We at Sweeps have worked dozens of big move-in jobs, and would be happy to help at yours. Get in touch if you have a moving project coming up.

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Capstone Properties

Capstone Properties

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Sweeps helped us on our opening day at Inspire Apartments in Atlanta and have come back in future years to assist on moving days. The experience has improved over time and we look forward to working with them in the future!
Amanda S.
Amanda S.
Regional Manager

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August 16, 2022
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