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Sweepers can assist you with packing items before a move (and unpacking after).

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When people think about (and usually dread) moving, they usually skip to the heavy lifting on moving day.

What often goes underappreciated is the importance of packing well, and how long that process can take.

The best way that moving day can go efficiently and safely is to carefully prepare beforehand.

Some preparation recommendations include:

  • Organize and get rid of items you do not need before the moving day.
  • Use sturdy boxes for moving items, and use different sized boxes to accommodate different items.
  • Label all boxes.
  • Organize boxes by the room they will be in.
  • Pack heavy items towards the bottom.
  • Pack valuable and fragile items separately, perhaps in a separate car that you remain with.

Obviously, the bigger your place, the more things you have, and the longer you have been somewhere will increase the amount of packing work and complexity of the project.

Sweepers would be happy to assist with any part of this packing process. We are sometimes used as extra labor by professional organizers or senior moving consultants, and in other times we are the only outside help involved. The scope can range from one Sweeper for an hour to tidy up, or an entire team to work for days to haul away rooms full of papers and junk.

If you want to be involved with the packing, that is great. Sweepers will follow your instruction and work with you. Or, if you cannot be at the job or would prefer to delegate, Sweepers can take initiative to pack in an organized manner. Some businesses for example need to move particularly fragile items in special ways, and we are happy to learn and document the right way.

Similarly, if you have all of the supplies needed, that is great and we can provide labor only packing assistance. Or, we can provide equipment such as boxes, pickup trucks, hand trucks, and more for an extra fee.

Beyond packing, there are many more moving related projects to do, such as move-out cleaning and painting. If you could use some help with packing, or any other part of an upcoming move, get in touch with Sweeps.

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Local Homeowner

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Sam did a great job organizing, packing, and labeling, and even when I started to burn out she was still going. I especially appreciated her initiative - I basically pointed her at a room and she took it as far as she could, then asked some important questions about how to wrap things up. I'm so glad that she matched up with this job!
Martha E.
Martha E.
Local Homeowner

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May 17, 2022
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