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Digging Holes and Ditches

Sweepers can help you dig holes and ditches for your yard projects.

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Anyone who has been tasked with digging holes to plant a garden, build a fence, dig a ditch or otherwise has learned the hard way how difficult a task this can be.

Obviously depending on the ground and soil near you, digging holes and ditches can range from difficult to nearly impossible without a team and equipment. You should plan your yard projects based on the season and weather as well, preparing a drainage ditch before the spring rains for example.

Some commons jobs that involve digging include:

  • Gardening and planting
  • Removing tree stumps and branches
  • Digging drainage ditches
  • Digging holes for fence posts
  • Leveling yard stones and paths
  • and more!

One of the benefits of Sweeps is that we can assist on jobs big and small. Whether your job calls for one worker for an hour to dig a hole for a plant, or multiple Sweepers for multiple days to dig a drainage ditch, we would be happy to assist.

if you have the equipment needed, that is great, and we can provide labor only. Or, if you need equipment, Sweepers can provide shovels, wheelbarrows, and other equipment. We can also be flexible if you are not sure about the scope. Digging holes and other yard projects are often underestimated, and we can continue to show up until the job is done.

While it is often a difficult job, some Sweepers like to work these jobs as they prefer to be outside and can get a good workout in!

If you have a yard project and could use some strong hands to assist, get in touch with Sweeps!

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Local Homeowner

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Sean - strong, able, didn't mind getting his hands dirty for a long afternoon of digging, laying patio stones, carrying and spreading mulch. Smart and knowledgeable about tools, etc. Trouble shooting assembling a tricky bench. Pleasant to work with and eager to get the job done right.
Renee S.
Renee S.
Local Homeowner

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March 15, 2023
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