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Sweepers can help polish your silver.

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While our most typical cleaning jobs are often general house cleaning or spring cleaning type work, we are also happy to focus on just one aspect.

Of these niche type cleaning jobs, one of the most requested is polishing silver (others being jobs such as appliance cleaning, auto detailing, boat cleaning, etc.).

Polishing silver takes attention to detail and concerted effort. Whether you have one piece or an entire room full, the time needed can add up. Especially if you plan to host an event or have people coming over, finding time to polish the silver may not be possible.

If you have equipment, that is great, and Sweepers can provide the labor only. Or, a Sweeper can provide the supplies needed as an extra expense.

We would encourage you to instruct the Sweeper on your preferences and techniques and give them feedback as they work.

If you have silver to polish, or other nice cleaning jobs, please let us know.

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Local Homeowner

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Qualia came three times to help me get ready for the holidays. I would book her again in a heartbeat. She is an interesting personality, great worker - and she sings!
Allie S.
Allie S.
Local Homeowner

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November 21, 2022
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