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Sweepers can help hang items and do other handyman work at your home and office.

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Nothing says "unfinished space" like a bunch of bare walls. And a poorly hung picture is worse than no picture at all. Make your house a home by hanging your pictures and art.

Many Sweepers have handyman skills and tools and would be happy to lend a hand.

If you have the tools needed, great, Sweepers can come and provide labor only. Or, if you need a drill, level, toolkit, or other equipment, Sweepers acn provide them.

The scope can also be as small as one worker for an hour to fix a crookend hanging item, to a team of workers moving an entire office and hanging whiteboards and art. A common scope is a team of two Sweepers with a toolkit and a drill, allowing them to help each other hold and level items.

We welcome your instruction on the job, pointing out where and how you want things. Or, you could hire us entirely remotely and give written instruction. If you need related work such as framing items, assembling funirutre, or hauling things away, we can also help with that.

Hanging items and general handyman work is often needed in the real estate industry, such as when preparing a home to sell, staging items, and when clients move-in. Property management agencies often need to do this type of work during apartment turns as well. Event companies also need to do a lot of work preparing event spaces. Any time there is a a renovation or repainting, there is often a lot of related work such as hanging items and fixing holes.

If you need help hanging items or with other thandyman work, get in touch with Sweeps!

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Local Homeowner

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Bobby was a pleasure to work with. He was prompt, pleasant, and was careful to do a top-notch job hanging/mounting items on the wall for me. I really appreciated his patience with my many requests and I would definitely work with him again!
Allie B.
Allie B.
Local Homeowner

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November 21, 2022
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