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While you may think of the typical move as between homes or long distances, moving within the home is actually a very common job.

Homeowners often have in-home moving on a number of types of projects:

  • Redoing floors or getting new rugs.
  • Getting new furniture.
  • Hauling items away.
  • Moving bulky items such as safes and pianos.
  • Ikea and furniture assembly.

There is also often a need for businesses to help with in-home moves, such as:

  • Staging homes for real estate.
  • Furniture deliveries.
  • Furniture assembly.
  • Hauling

If no equipment is needed, or if you have the equipment required, we can help with labor only. Or, Sweepers can provide items like a hand truck or moving straps for a fee.

We can also help with different size jobs. Our minimum is only one worker for an hour, so sometimes we come to help move a rug or take out the trash. On the other hand, we can provide teams of workers for big projects such as delivering and assembling new furniture throughout the house.

If you need help moving items within your home, let us know!

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Local Homeowner

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Drew was really exceptional. He arrived right on time, had previous moving experience, and was on top of every detail! I could tell pretty soon that I could trust him to do a good job and I was right - he was confident, took on a leadership role and got everything done just as asked, with the eye of a perfectionist. Thanks Drew!
Marla H.
Marla H.
Local Homeowner

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July 1, 2022
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