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Furniture Installation at a Sorority

Learn how a Sweeps team helped install new furniture at a sorority at a southern university.

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In August 2021, we received a call with a lead to provide a team of up to 10 workers for up to a week at a southern university.

The job was at a large sorority house, and entailed removing all of the old furniture, moving all of the new furniture in, and installing the new furniture.

The project was last-minute, with a tight deadline before students arrived.

Sweeps jumped on it, and immediately recruited a team of workers that had the strength and availability to get the job done on such a short timeframe.

From the initial days of hard work mostly moving items, to the final days of careful installation, Sweepers were able to assist the client and complete the furniture part of a major renovation on-time and below budget.

Whether your next job calls for a worker for a day, or a team of 10 for a week, we would be happy to help. Likewise, if moving equipment and pickup trucks are needed, those can be provided. WHatever the case, if you have a moving project coming up, get in touch with Sweeps!

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Smarter Furnishings

Smarter Furnishings

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Sweeps was called in last-minute to finish a project, and they provided terrific workers. We could not have gotten the project done without them!
Regional Manager
Regional Manager
Rob G.

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August 15, 2021
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