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PODS / Container Loading and Unloading

Strong Sweepers can help load and unload your Pods or containers.

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Portable On Demand Storage, better known as PODS, have become a popular option for homeowners and businesses to store and move their items.

There are many similar companies such as Zippyshell, Uhaul U-Box, Pack-Rat and other relocatable storage companies as well, with the main premise being that the storage units can come to you wherever you are. These often come in handy for in-home or in-office work, such as when people are redoing their floors, completing a home renovation, or temporarily moving. Other times the containers are useful on moves to give customers time to load their things into the container and then have a truck move the items to their destination. In any of the scenarios, Sweepers are happy to assist.

What people may not know, is that once you have the container, you need to load or unload it yourself! That is often where Sweeps comes in, as we can provide the labor to move your furniture and items into and out of the POD.

Many other moving companies have strict minimums in terms of hours and number of Sweepers, and require the renting of a moving truck. This means the minimum charge can be hundreds of dollars. With Sweeps, our minimum is one worker for one hour. So, we can meet your needs, whether that is just moving an extra hand to move the heavy stuff, or a team of movers to fill multiple containers.

We can also provide moving equipment like hand trucks or moving straps, or just provide the labor.

We work directly with a few of these container companies as a recommended vendor. In other cases our clients rent the container and contact Sweeps separately. Either way, Sweeps can provide a cost effective yet quality service to load your container.

Whatever your reason to have a POD or container, think of Sweeps if you need a hand loading or unloading it!

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Benjamin was extremely helpful and had some great advice on how we can load our boxes into the pod to make sure it arrives at its destination safely. Benjamin is definitely a team player, very quick to help and friendly. He also made sure to be careful with our items when moving boxes or furniture to prevent damage to our items or the apartment we're moving from.
Mackenzie M.
Mackenzie M.
Local Homeowner

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June 15, 2022
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