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College Student Move-in at Valentine Commons

Learn how Sweepers have assisted at Valentine Commons college student move-in for many years.

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Every August, Sweeps kicks into high gear to help with student moving projects across the country.

Many of these projects stem from one ongoing project at Valentine Commons student housing in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Starting in 2015, Sweeps started providing a team of movers to assist college students move-in. Typically a team of 10-12 workers for two full-days, the Sweepers would provide hand trucks and work from 8am - 5pm.

After working the project for a few years, the leadership team at Valentine Commons were kind enough to recommend Sweeps to other firms in Raleigh, and their parent company. This has led to working major projects across the country, such as 50 Sweeper move-ins in Atlanta, Washington DC, and Austin Texas.

We also work a number of smaller jobs, such as 1 mover for the entire day at a small facility in Greenville, North Carolina. The last few years, we have also worked a furniture assembly job a week or two before move-in, preparing the facility for the major move-in day.

If you or those at your property could use help moving in, please get in touch with Sweeps!

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Valentine Commons

Valentine Commons

Customer Testimonial

Sweeps has been a longtime partner of our team at Valentine Commons. Their team is a huge help during move-in and they take feedback well and improve every year.
Matt W.
Matt W.
Regional Manager

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August 16, 2015
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