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While Sweeps does not provide moving trucks, we would be happy to help load and unload a moving truck you provide, or we can provide pickup trucks, trailers, and cars/suvs/vans.

Moving is consistently rated as one of the most stressful parts of a person's life, and thus it is no surprise that it has become Sweeps' most popular job category.

Sweeps recruits from local colleges and universities to find strong, motivated workers that can assist with your local moves. Our technology allows us to easily fill jobs for as soon as this afternoon, or months out.

We have a one worker for one hour minimum, much smaller than most professional moving companies. Or, we can provide a team of workers to get big moves done. We can also provide equipment such as hand trucks, moving straps, and pickup trucks, or just provide the labor if you have the needed equipment.

When the local move is within 10 miles, we do not even charge travel fees. If the move is greater than 10 miles, we charge travel fees starting at $10 per worker.

If the move is not local, but is between two cities that we serve, such as Raleigh to Charlotte, we can also help by loading in one location and unloading in another.

If you have a local move coming up, get in touch!

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Local Homeowners

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Kameron and Austin made a great team. Again, Kameron was an outstandingly hard-worker, with a work ethic I thought had long since expired generations ago. Moreso, while we were chatting at the end of the job, I find out that Kameron takes as many (and probably more!) as three moving jobs per week, all the while being a student athlete! I mean, this is serious hard-core physical work, do you realize how amazing this sort of motivation is?? Kameron was beyond pleasant to work with, at all times professional, smiling, always invested in my best interest during my move from Chapel Hill to Durham. I gotta say, these guys from Sweeps are the type of young gentlemen that are going to the top, the people I really hope end up running the world. Again, what a fantastic, just extraordinary service that we are so lucky to have here in the Triangle. I'm sorry for the local moving companies, as these kids pose some serious competition. Wonderful job, I highly recommend hiring Kameron for any job needing an intelligent and highly motivated young man with a great attitude. :)
Dominique S.
Dominique S.
Local Homeowner

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November 1, 2022
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