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Treadmills and Exercise Equipment

Sweepers can help you move and assemble treadmills and exercise equipment.

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Often with a rush right after Christmas, a popular job posting at Sweeps is to provide workers to help move and assemble treadmills and other exercise equipment.

With a minimum of just one worker for one hour, we are often an affordable option for small moves like this, compared to other moving companies that often have a much higher minimum job.

Exercise equipment can be tricky to move, as they are often heavy and bulky. Many times they arrive in a box unassembled, to putting them together can be a task in itself.

We are happy to help throughout the process, even delivering the item from the store to your home in a pickup truck. Navigating these items within the home can also be difficult, especially if there are stairs and turns involved. Make sure to hire help, and enough workers to make your move safe and avoid damage. We often have between 2-4 movers for heavy items and will work with you to make sure we get the right amount of Sweepers on your job.

On the other end of the treadmill lifecycle - if yours is gathering dust and dirty clothes, we are happy to come in and move it out and haul it away.

Whether you have equipment on the way in or out, get in touch with Sweeps to hire extra hands for your move!

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Local Homeowner

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Vafee was polite and professional. He was knowledgeable of details when removing tricky items from the home. The tight spots requiring a tool and removal of the door hinge to remove a treadmill- he had it figured out quickly. I would recommend Vafee to anyone needing assistance with a home clean out and moving project.
Lea H.
Lea H.
Local Homeowner

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June 10, 2021
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