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Sweepers can help mow and clear your lawn.

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One job that everyone with a yard will be familiar with is mowing and clearing. While some love to work in the yard, for others it is nothing more than a recurring chore.

Sweepers would be happy to step-in and assist with the mowing, and can even provide equipment. If you have your own mower, great, we can provide labor-only. if not, you can add an assortment of equipment such as a lawn mower, weed trimmer, wheel barrow, and more when posting a job.

Some of our clients choose to get help every week to maintain a short, beautiful green yard. Others, often around real estate transactions, call Sweeps to take on a property that has not been maintained for years. On those jobs we often have a team of Sweepers come out in jeans and protective gear hacking and clearing to take back control of the property. In really bad scenarios, we get called in only after the town or local municipality has issued a warning to clear the yard.

Yard work is of course often seasonal, with more work being needed in the spring, summer, and fall.

Whatever the status of your property, Sweepers are available to come in and clear and mow. Get in touch if your home or business is ready to clean up, mow, and clear!

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Local Homeowner

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James is amazing! He did a great job with our lawn and he is a super nice and friendly guy! Thank you for your help and your kindness!
Genevieve T.
Genevieve T.
Local Homeowner

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May 10, 2022
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