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Sweeper Travel Payouts


Sweeps charges travel fees to compensate Sweepers for traveling to some jobs and for traveling  during some jobs. Travel fees are paid directly to Sweepers.

Important Points

  • Sweepers are expected to provide their own transportation to all jobs.
  • Sweepers are NOT compensated for getting to and from jobs UNLESS there is a specifically stated travel bonus on the job.
  • Travel Payments are based on where the job is in relation to a campus point, NOT where you are coming from as a Sweeper.

You can read more about Sweeper payments at help article.

Travel Fee Amounts

  • 0-9.9 miles: No Travel Fee
  • 10-19.9 miles: $12.00 per Sweeper
  • 20-29.9 miles: $16.00 per Sweeper
  • 30-59.9 miles: at least $20.00 per Sweeper, when this degree of travel is involved we may be in touch to suggest travel fee solutions, typically defaulting to the federal rate of 65.5c/mile.
  • >60 miles: Out of Service Area, Contact Sweeps

Travel Payout Process

  • If a job has a travel fee, that will be visible on the job. You will be paid this travel fee automatically when the job pays out.
  • If a job does not have a stated travel fee, there is not one.
  • We can add travel fees when appropriate, such as when a job location is different from the address listed or when extra stops are added.
  • Get in touch with us before submitting your timesheet if you think a travel fee should be added. Travel expenses should not be submitted on your timesheet.
  • We sometimes pay Sweepers travel bonuses to help us fill jobs. This is an exception and is typically paid as a bonus after the job is paid.

Travel Fees Criteria

Travel fees apply to the following jobs:

  • Jobs with locations greater than 10 miles from the nearest campus.
  • Jobs that require Sweepers to travel greater than 10 miles as part of working the job.
  • If driving is an aspect of the job, ie between job locations, or during deliveries or courier service, the Sweeps hourly rate will be charged in addition to travel fees.
  • Note that travel fees may be added to jobs based on additional locations or circumstances.

Travel Fee Locations

We measure distance from the following locations:

  • Atlanta: Georgia Aquarium
  • Auburn: Jordan-Hare Stadium
  • Austin: Republic Square
  • Asheville: UNC-Asheville Campus
  • Boone: Kidd Brewer Stadium
  • Charleston: South Carolina Aquarium
  • Charlotte: Jerry Richardson Stadium
  • Chapel Hill: UNC Bell Tower
  • Clemson: Littlejohn Coliseum
  • College Station: Kyle Field
  • Columbia: University of South Carolina
  • Durham: Duke Chapel
  • Greensboro: UNCG Baseball Stadium
  • Greenville: Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium
  • Lincoln: State Capitol
  • Lubbock: Jones AT&T Stadium
  • Miami: FTX Arena
  • Minneapolis: Minneapolis Institute of Art
  • Nashville: Country Music Hall of Fame
  • New York City: Grand Central Station
  • Omaha: University of Nebraska at Omaha
  • Raleigh: NCSU Bell Tower
  • San Antonio:  The Alamo
  • Washington DC: United States Capitol
  • Wilmington: Trask Coliseum

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