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What kinds of jobs do Sweepers work?

What we Do

Just about anything.

Sweepers are a talented bunch, with experience and skills in a wide array of areas.

We have many athletes who love to help with moves, landscape design students to help manage yardwork and graduate students anxious to help organize and work at events.

Whatever your needs, we can most likely help.

If you need help, start by posting a job.

If you want to become a Sweeper please apply here.

What we DON'T Do

- Work on roofs.

- Work long-distance moves.

- Move irreplaceable, highly valuable, or collectible items; including but not limited to pianos, organs, pool tables, exercise equipment, gun safes and antiques.

We have these policies in place to promote safety and limit liability to Job Posters, Sweepers, and Sweeps.

We have partners who can help with jobs like this. Please reach out to Sweeps if you have questions about where you can get help.

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