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What if my job is not awarded to Sweepers or the wrong Sweepers get the job?

We fill over 90% of all jobs posted, but unfortunately there are some jobs we just can't fill.  Reasons for this include the job location being too far from one of our campuses or we are not the right fit for the job.

If we are unable to fill your job we will let you know as soon as possible.  If feasible we will help you get the job done, which may mean working with you to add time windows, amend the job, rent equipment, or hire another firm.

We will proactively recruit for individual job postings (eg. airbrushing or Swahili tutoring) and will continue to recruit until you tell us not to.  We will keep you updated as we search, and will encourage you to do the same to help us find the right people.

Once we do award Sweepers, we encourage you to ask them questions prior to the start of the job to make sure they are the right fit.

Sweepers earn 98% positive reviews. However, not all jobs are awarded to Sweepers and we will be honest if we are not the right fit or are not capable of getting your job done.

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