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Will I get a bonus for providing equipment or supplies on a job?

Sweepers earn equipment bonuses for providing their own equipment or supplies on Sweeps jobs.

The equipment needed and bonus amount are indicated on jobs, and you can indicate whether you can provide the equipment when competing for jobs.

You can also update the equipment you can provide at your Settings page which will make you more likely to get jobs.

If you plan on working Sweeps jobs regularly, it might be good to invest in some of the above equipment. You'll make your return on it in just a couple of jobs, and it would give you a leg up on other Sweepers who don't have equipment. Just something to think about!

Some equipment options include (visit your settings page to see all options):

  • Moving: pickup truck, hand truck, straps, blankets
  • Cleaning: rags, windex, all-purpose cleaner, vacuum, mop
  • Yard Work: lawn mower, weed trimmer, leaf management
  • Painting: paint brushes
  • Events: camera

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