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Pricing and Payments


Payments at Sweeps are simple, secure, and cashless. Learn more at:

Payment Process

  • A valid credit card is required to post a job.
  • You pay after the job, upon reviewing Sweeper timesheets.
  • Jobs checkout automatically 24 hours after Sweeper timesheets are submitted.
  • You can tip during online checkout, or in cash on the job. Please do not pay cash for jobs or hire Sweepers outside Sweeps.

Pricing Components

  • 1-hour minimum, charges for every 15 minutes worked after that.
  • Potential extra charges for travel, equipment, expenses, gratuity.


Sweeps charges by the hour. There is a a 1-hour minimum per Sweeper and we charge for every 15 minutes worked after that.


Equipment is optional and can be added when posting a job. Sweeps charges for providing equipment. Note that if equipment is not selected when posting the job, or added after, Sweepers will not be provide equipment.



Expenses incurred by Sweepers as part of completing the job are added to timesheets. Examples might include purchasing supplies or fees to drop items at a waste facility site.


You can pay tips in cash, when checking out online, or after the job by contacting us. More in this Gratuity article.


Sweeps charges 1 hour of labor per Sweeper for confirmed jobs that are cancelled within 24 hours of their start time. More at our Cancellation article.



Sweeps charges travel fees on some jobs. These travel fees are paid directly to Sweepers to compensate them for expenses.

Travel Fees Apply to:

  • Jobs with locations greater than 10 miles from the nearest campus.
  • Jobs that require Sweepers to travel greater than 10 miles as part of working the job.
  • If driving is an aspect of the job, ie between job locations, or during deliveries or courier service, the Sweeps hourly rate will be charged in addition to travel fees.
  • Note that travel fees may be added to jobs based on additional locations or circumstances.

(Distance from nearest Sweeps Campus Location: Travel Fee)

0-9.9 miles: No Travel Fee

10-19.9 miles: $12 per Sweeper

20-29.9 miles: $16 per Sweeper

30-59.9 miles: $20 per Sweeper

>60 miles: Out of Service Area, Contact Sweeps

You can find out if a travel fee applies to your location at the Post a Job form. When posting a job, type your address and select the location to find out if a fee applies for your location.


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