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Phone Calls on the Sweeps Platform


At Sweeps, your phone number is kept private and never shared with other users. You are able to call other Users on the site via our Click to Call feature.

As a Job Poster, you are able to call Sweepers that awarded to your job when your job is in the Awarded and Confirmed states.

As a Sweeper Awarded a Job, you are able to call the Customer and other Awarded Sweepers when the Job is in the Awarded and Confirmed states.


When viewing your job, you will see a 'Call [Name]' option when calling is available.

Click the link, then click Call on the dialog box that will open.

Upon clicking call, you will receive an incoming call to your phone number. Pick up, and the call will automatically start ringing the recipient.

Click to Call Link

Phone Call Modal


If your phone does not ring, it is probably related to you not having service when the call was initiated. Seek a location with better phone service and try the call again. You can also comment on the job.

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