We need 35 movers for a two-day project.

Join us and earn $20.00/hr

August 8-9, 2024
Lafayette, Indiana

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Seeking 40 Movers for a Two-Day Project

Sweeps is a North Carolina company that provides moving and project assistance.

We are recruiting 40 movers in Lafayette to work on August 8-9, 2024 on a moving project at a student housing facility.

It is going to be a long day of hard work, but if you can swing it, pay is $20.00/hr with bonuses for referrals.

Sweeper seated in a home

Get Paid to Work with your Friends

Group of four Sweepers and a dog

We need to recruit a lot of great movers, fast, and could use your help.

We will pay you $10.00 for anyone that you recommend that ends up working.

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What is Sweeps?
Sweeps provides delightful movers and more.

What kind of work do you do?
We match workers with jobs like moving, events, and tutoring for local homes and businesses.

Is it flexible?
Yes. You can choose the jobs you want to work.

How do I attain work?
Apply and finish Onboarding. Once you are Active, you will receive text and emails with available work.

What is the pay?
Pay starts at $20/hr. You can make more with experience and with tips and travel and equipment bonuses.

How does payment work?
Direct deposit to your bank initiates within 24 hours of job ending.

Am I an employee or independent contractor at Sweeps?
You are an independent contractor at Sweeps.

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Get in on the Ground Floor

Thousands of Sweepers have earned over $2 million dollars working Sweeps jobs, mostly in North Carolina.

After this project, we are opening up shop in Atlanta and you can be part of the launch.

By signing up for this project, you will be first in line for future jobs (that always start at $20.00/hr).

Sweeps by the numbers

Minimum Pay
Pay starts at $18/hr, and you can earn more with tips and bonuses.
Join over 2,000 Sweeper Alumni that have found work through Sweeps.
Sweeper Payments
Sweepers have earned over $2 million dollars working Sweeps jobs.

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