College Station, TX Moving

Hire the right workers for your next move or project.

College Station, TX Moving

Are you looking for movers in College Station, TX? It doesn’t matter whether you are planning to move across the city or all the way out of town. If you need help getting things together and getting them to where they need to be, you’ll find the very best help at Sweeps.

What is Sweeps? Definitely not your everyday moving company. We don’t have a formal office space or a large fleet of moving vans. 

Instead, Sweeps is everywhere you are. We’re ready to help you with your move by matching you to local college students in College Station, TX who are ready to help you with your moving job. Your job will get done quickly - and on budget. Guaranteed!

College Station, TX Moving

Moving to College Station, TX? Here’s How Sweeps Works

Moving today? Tomorrow? Two months from now? No matter what, we can help. It only takes a few minutes to find help with your move in College Station, TX - as long as you use Sweeps.

Here’s how it works. 

1. Post Your Moving Job in College Station, TX 

Give us all the details about your move. Where are you going? What’s the address you’re moving from? Are there any heavy items that need to be moved? Do you need to stop at your storage unit or have any other special request? Fill in all the details. Creating a posting is always free, always fast, and always as easy as can be. As soon as you post, Sweepers in your area will be notified. They can apply if they’re available and interested in the job. 

2. Confirm Job Details

Sweeps will select workers for your job to help meet your needs. You can search from the mathed workers to find the right one. Once you do, just confirm your booking. You can change or reschedule at any point - helpful if you need to change the date or any details of your move.

3. Sweepers Get to Work 

The day of the move! Your Sweepers will arrive, get your instructions, and start helping you pack and move all of your belongings. Here in College Station, TX, our Sweepers won’t stop until the job is done and you’re all settled in.

4. Pay and Review

Your job is done! All that’s left is to get people paid. You can review timesheets and verify the work of your Sweepers. Pay online with the credit card information you provided when you created the job. It’s as easy as that - and totally secure, by the way. 

Using Sweeps is easy - and it’s about as quick as can be, too.

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How Much Do College Station, TX Movers Cost?

Moving shouldn’t break the bank - and it shouldn’t have any hidden fees. 

If you hire College Station, TX movers from Sweeps, the hourly rate will be agreed upon before the job starts - and before you’re expected to pay a dime. Rates vary, but are some of the most affordable you’ll find. 

Learn more about how much you’ll pay for your move in College Station, TX by checking out the pricing page for more information. 

Areas Served

If you don’t live right in College Station, that’s ok. We can help with your move regardless. Sweeps serves College Station the surrounding nearby communities: 

  • Bryan, TX
  • Brenham, TX
  • Huntsville, TX
  • Tomball, TX

…and more. No matter where you live, there are college students ready to help!

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Why Choose Sweeps

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Sweeps Guarantee

We are bonded and guarantee all jobs up to $500.

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Sweeper Profiles

Know who you hire with photos, real reviews, and thorough profiles for all 2,337 Sweepers.

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Dedicated Support

We're here to help with phone, text, chat, and email support 7 days a week.

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Local College Students

Sweepers are local students and recent grads working in their spare time. Every job supports their future.


What is Sweeps?

Sweeps is the perfect way for students in College Station, TX to help with moves and other odd jobs, like tutoring or cleaning. Whether you need someone who can move furniture or do lawn work - Sweeps has got what it takes!

What does it cost?

Sweepers charge by the hour. You can get more specifics on the pricing page

Is it free to post a job?

You’ll pay nothing to post a job on Sweeps - until the job is done, you don’t have to pay a dime. 

How do I get started?

Post a moving job in College Station, TX now or contact us if you have questions or need more information.

How long does the process take?

It takes just a few seconds to post a job. You can have College Station, TX movers on site and ready to work in as little as a few hours. 

How does payment work?

When you write your job posting, you’ll need to provide credit card details to secure your spot. However, there won’t be a single charge until the job is complete and you’ve verified the work. 

Where do you work?

Learn more about where Sweeps operates by visiting the locations page. Still have questions? You can visit the Sweeps Help Center to learn more. 

Book a Move Online in College Station, TX

Sweeps is the best way to find, book and pay for College Station Movers. Get transparent pricing with customizable service options in just a few minutes! You can trust that Sweeper's movers are local and professional students. They will work hard every day on your behalf - so create a listing now.

Simple, Reliable Hiring

We take the pain out of moving or home & office projects. Sweeps' platform makes the entire process simple and dare we say... delightful.

While we're not professionals (and not the best fit for moving pianos or priceless antiques), Sweepers are smart, strong, and eager to help make your moving day a success.

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Painless Process

Simple and intuitive online process from posting to payment.

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Reserve months in advance or for this afternoon.

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Book Now, Pay Later

No up-front charges, pay once the job is done.

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Fair Pricing

No hidden fees. Pay only for the time worked.

"Flexible, friendly and fairly priced...what else can you ask for in an on-demand service?"
- Brent B., moving in Cary

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