Boone, NC Cleaning

Hire the right workers for your next move or project.

Boone, NC Cleaning

Got a mess on your hands? Before you start scrubbing, consider whether hiring a Sweeper to take care of it might be right for you.

Sweeps isn’t an aptly named cleaning product. Nor is it a dedicated home clean service. Instead, Sweeps is a service that will connect you to the local help you need - ASAP. 

So whether it’s a small reorganization task or a massive spring cleaning project you need to tackle, trust Sweepers to help get the job done on time (and under budget). 

Boone, NC Cleaning

Our Commitment to You 

Sweeps has served the Boone, NC community for more than a decade. Our Sweeps cleaners follow cleaning processes and procedures to help create a healthier, cleaner environment. Here are a few more reasons to consider hiring Sweepers for your next Boone, NC cleaning job.

Easy to Use

Sweeps offers an easy online booking process that’s as straightforward as possible. No calling around for complex quotes required! 

Honest and Trustworthy

You’ll be kept in the loop at all times. From billing to scheduling, everything is open with Sweeps. 

Expert-Level Work 

You’ll be able to book your next cleaning quickly with Sweeps - but that doesn’t mean the work will be anything less than top quality. 

How Sweeps Can Help With Cleaning in Boone, NC 

What can Sweeps do for you? See for yourself. Create a job posting and let Sweepers in your area know exactly what you need. There’s sure to be a college student that’s ready to get to work!

The Best Cleaning Help in Boone, NC

Whether you own a rental property in Boone, NC that you need cleaned on a regular basis - or you’re looking for a one-off deep cleaning for your primary residence - it can be overwhelming to tackle these tasks on your own. That’s where Sweeps comes in!

When you hire a “Sweeper,” you’ll be able to connect with local workers, mostly college students and recent grads, to help you get the job done. Not only will you be able to tackle the mess with confidence (and support)  - but you’ll also be able to feel good about yourself knowing that you’ve helped local students achieve their goals, too.

That’s not all - we also embrace technology and offer superior customer service. We answer the phone 7 days a week and we despite hidden fees! We offer smart cleaners and the best service. Oh - and we hate hidden fees! 

With Sweeps, you can create an ad for just about anything you need done. Have a basement to clean out? Done. Need your garage pressure-washed? Sweepers can do that. There’s no task too big - or too small - for Sweeps. You don’t have to worry about plugging your information into a preset template when you create your job posting. You can provide all relevant details and customize your jobs based on your unique criteria.

We’ll provide you with connections to local college students. They review each soso any Sweeper you hire will know the exact scope of what you’re asking for. 

Sweeps make great things a reality. We’ve been connecting people for more than 15 years. Our system just works. You have talented workers right in your own community. Find them with Sweeps. Get the job done. Feel good about where your money is going. 

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How Sweeps Works

Hiring a Sweeper to clean your house in Boone, NC is just about as easy as it gets. You don't have to spend more than a few seconds to get the help you need with Boone, NC cleaning jobs. 

Here’s what you need to do: 

1. Post a Job

Give us all your details! Posting is free, fast, and easy as pie. As soon as your job posting goes live, Sweepers in your area will be instantly notified. They can apply for your job and let you know when they are available. 

2. Confirm the Details

Once your posting is live, Sweepers will be awarded and you will be asked to confirm. You can confirm a booking for as soon as today or as far away as many months from now. You can always change or reschedule a booking if you need to, too. 

3. Get to Work!

Your Sweepers will show up at your doorstep, ready to get down and dirty with your cleaning job! They won’t stop until the job is done. 

4. Review and Pay

Once the job is done, Sweepers will submit a timesheet online and you can review and pay online in seconds. Simple, secure, and fast - it’s as easy as that. 

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Customer Reviews

Simple, Reliable Hiring

We take the pain out of moving or home & office projects. Sweeps' platform makes the entire process simple and dare we say... delightful.

Computer Monitor icon
Painless Process

Simple and intuitive online process from posting to payment.

Calendar with checkmark icon

Reserve months in advance or for this afternoon.

Credit Card icon
Book Now, Pay Later

No up-front charges, pay once the job is done.

Clock icon
Fair Pricing

No hidden fees. Pay only for the time worked.

"Flexible, friendly and fairly priced...what else can you ask for in an on-demand service?"
- Brent B., moving in Cary

What We Do

Sweeps connects people who need Boone, NC cleaning with local Sweepers who want to work. It’s not just cleaning jobs that our Sweepers can handle, either. 


Cleaning and moving go together like peas and carrots - chances are, if you are moving soon, you also need someone to help clean. Bundle your services together by hiring a Sweeper who can take care of both!


Have a kid that needs some academic help? Perhaps you could use some assistance yourself? College students make wonderful tutors!


If you have a party or event coming up, you can hire cleaners, caterers, or even set-up and tear-down crews on Sweeps. 

Yard Work

It’s not just your house that needs cleaning - your lawn might need some TLC too. Hire Sweepers for lawn care and landscaping work!


Sweepers are also great at painting!


Need tech support? Don’t want to pay big bucks or wait for hours at the local IT store? Get a Sweeper. They’ll be happy to help!

Other Odd Jobs

Need something else done that’s not on this list? Chances are, there’s a Sweeper out there with the skills (and interest) to help you out.

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Sweeps Service Areas

There are plenty of Sweepers right in Boone, NC that are ready to help at a moment’s notice. Sweepers work right in the city as well as in the surrounding areas:

  • Banner Elk
  • Blowing Rock
  • Butler
  • Elk Park
  • Jefferson
  • Lenoir
  • Newland
  • Valle Crucis
  • West Jefferson

Sweeps also has locations around the country, including those in Texas, South Carolina, Georgia, New York, Utah, Washington, D.C., Colorado, and more.

Why Choose Sweeps

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Sweeps Guarantee

We are bonded and guarantee all jobs up to $500.

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Sweeper Profiles

Know who you hire with photos, real reviews, and thorough profiles for all 2,337 Sweepers.

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Dedicated Support

We're here to help with phone, text, chat, and email support 7 days a week.

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Local College Students

Sweepers are local students and recent grads working in their spare time. Every job supports their future.

Meet the Sweepers in Boone, NC

Post a job and our friendly support team will match you with a local Sweeper.

Once you make the right connections, you can hire the same people again and again for jobs later on. That’s great for people who need regular house cleaners, as well as for folks who own rental properties. You don’t have to find fresh talent each and every time!

Boone, NC Sweepers attend nearby universities, including:

  • Appalachian State University
  • Caldwell Community College and Technical Institute
  • Catawba Valley Community College
  • Lees Mcrae College
  • Lenoir Rhyne University
  • Mayland Community College
  • Wilkes Community College

Boone, NC FAQ

How much does it cost?

Sweepers charge by the hour. Some might charge for cleaning supplies and equipment. You won’t pay until the job is done. Typically, you’ll be given an estimate that includes an hourly rate, travel charge, equipment, and other expenditures on the job. You can learn more on the pricing page

Am I required to tip for Boone, NC cleaning?

Gratuity is not expected, but always appreciated. You can tip in cash or during the online checkout. 

Do you bring your own supplies?

We can. Sweepers can use your materials if you have specific cleaning products you like to use - or they can bring their own. You may be charged for these supplies.

What if I need to cancel my job?

You can cancel at any time for free. You can also reschedule. If your cancellation is within 24 hours of its start time, you might be charged a cancellation fee (subject to the Sweeper’s terms). 

Does Sweeps only handle residential cleaning?

No! You can hire Sweepers for residential and commercial cleaning as well as for rental cleanings. Sweepers also do cleanings before and after big moves. 

How do I become a Sweeper?

Earn at least $18 an hour doing the jobs you want as a Sweeper! To sign up, visit this link.

Get Help With Cleaning in Boone, NC Now

Ready to get things done? 

Boone, NC is known for its southern charm, its vibrant nightlife, and all the other perks of living in a college town. One of the biggest perks? You have access to some of the best workers in the world.

Get more done. Get cleaned up. Hire Sweepers. There’s no time to waste!

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