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University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Political Science and Government

I have a wide variety of employment experience, including office work, construction and contracting, landscaping, bar tending and serving, education, security, and moving. As you can see by my job history, I am driven and diligent, and proud of my ability to work hard, efficiently, and effectively with others. I am a senior at UNC majoring and Peace, War, and Defense, with a minor in Military History. I look forward to commissioning as an officer into the U.S. Army when I graduate in the fall of 2016. In my free time, I enjoy reading (mainly political thrillers and espionage/historical fiction and non-fiction), watching action and comedy movies, working out, and drawing. I am also passionate about boxing, and have competed for the UNC team since Spring of 2015. I enjoy meeting and making connections with new people, am easy to get along with, and guarantee a reliable and enjoyable hiring experience!


Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Virtual, Durham


-Work as Security for venues such as Cat's Cradle and R&R Grill, as well as various fraternities on campus -Am contracted as a cadet in UNC Chapel Hill's Army ROTC program -Team member and treasurer for UNC Chapel Hill's Club Boxing Team


Moving Worked for Boston College's Facilities Department, moving furniture between dorms and classrooms over the summer of 2012

Cleaning Was responsible for cleaning the bathrooms and my own room at my parents house

Events I work security at events such as concerts at Cat's Cradle, themed nights at R&R Grill, and parties at fraternities at UNC

Yard Was responsible for lawn care at my parents home, and still am when I am home for break

Organizing Worked 20 hrs/week as an office assistant at Boston College's Accounts Payable dept during the school year from Fall 2011 to Spring 2013, when I transferred from Boston College to UNC.

Tutoring Interned in a 4th grade classroom once a week while studying primary education at Boston College

Painting Worked for a family friends general contracting company over the summer of 2015

Anything Have spent three summers working full time plus overtime as a laborer for construction and contracting companies such as Alfredo Site Development Corp and JP Poulin Electrical. I also have experience in bartending and and the service industry working in restaurants and bars in Puerto Rico in the Spring of 2014

Tech I have a basic grasp of programming in C and HTML/CSS, and am in the middle of learning Python and Java from the online Harvard course, CS50


Hand Truck New hand truck

Pickup Truck I have access to my friends pickup truck most of the time, and as of mid May 2016 will have my own

Moving Pack Moving blanket, rope, ratcheting straps

Lawn Mower I can borrow lawn equipment any time from a sergeant in my ROTC program

Leaf Blower I can borrow lawn equipment any time from a sergeant in my ROTC program

Brushes I can borrow lawn equipment any time from a sergeant in my ROTC program

Power Drill I can borrow my friends drill and provide the requisite drill bits any time

Weed Trimmer I can borrow lawn equipment any time from a sergeant in my ROTC program

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| 5 | Yard in Raleigh

Doris D. Did a very good job!

| 4 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Anna W. Thank you David!

| 5 | Moving in Raleigh

Chris R. David did a great job! He was a pleasure to work with. Thank you!

| 5 | Organizing in Chapel Hill

Annie S. EXcellent Help! Would hire again!

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Will P. So awesome and professional and courteous and efficient!

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Andrew B. Strong worker

| 5 | Moving in Durham

Kate R. Dave was wonderful!!! So good at moving and very easy to get along with. Even with a hurt ankle was awesome

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Patricia C. Kind, hard worker, great sense of humor

| 5 | Moving in Cary

Barbara P. David was very polite and professional. He did an excellent job of installing 3 blinds in master bedroom. I highly recommend David for other jobs!

| 5 | Yard in Chapel Hill

Eric W. Positive, courteous, hard worker

| 5 | Moving in Raleigh

Ann H. Prompt, capable and perfect

| 5 | Moving in Fuquay Varina

Elizabeth J. Fantastic job!

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Karin E. Friendly and hardworking

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Anissa N. Wonderful and helpful!

| 5 | Moving in Carrboro

Stephanie G. David was polite, efficient, and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!

| 5 | Yard in Durham

Judith B. Although it took a while longer for him to arrive pbecause of another job he had before mine' once he got here he got down to business and quickly found a way to prop up my rose bush by putting a hook on my deck privacy fence ledge with some rope tied to the tree which could then be hauled upright. He also helped improve my storage room door's strike plate which prevented me from closing the door tight. He also looked at the Japanese panel I want hung on my wall to see if it would be too heavy or not. He said that if he could find the studs, it would probably work. So that may happen after my upcoming hip surgery.

| 5 | Moving in Raleigh

John B. David was prompt and professional. He took initiative to solve problems when they arose. He demonstrated leadership.

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

A T. Really enjoyed having all three of these guys.

| 5 | Yard in Chapel Hill

Greg K. Will call on David again. Thanks!

| 5 | Moving in Raleigh

Gretchen I. David was efficient, careful, hard-working with a positive attitude. Thx!

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Matt K. very eager, on a mission to move. Moved things very rapidly. Appreciated that David and the other sweeper did the job faster than I thought it would take.

| 5 | Moving in Raleigh

Kirwin D. Five Stars!

| 5 | Cleaning in Chapel Hill

Aaron S. David was on time, polite and efficient. Would definitely hire again.

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Jay B. Friendly and strong. They were on time and worked hard.

| 5 | Moving in Durham

Lorraine O. a great help

| 5 | Moving in Durham

Guy C. Nice young man. Very polite and easy to work with

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Laney O. David did an excellent job. He communicated with me prior to his arrival, arrived early, and immediately started working. He was professional, courteous, and moved all of my items with great care. I highly recommend his services.

| 4 | Moving in Durham

Kerri R. Very helpful, polite,and did it our way :)

| 5 | Moving in Cary

Laura C. Great job highly recommend!

| 4 | Moving in Raleigh

Kirk V. He was very friendly and strong enough to ensure we didn't bang up the walls.

| Anything in Carrboro

Susan R. David was great He knew exactly what to do and was extremely efficient and professional. . Also a very nice guy

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Jesse T. Very happy with David's performance on the job. He's focused, courteous and professional.

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Annie F. David was super nice and helpful. I would definitely recommend.

| 5 | Moving in Durham

Claudia H. Great!

| 5 | Moving in Cary

John J. Very friendly and professional. Did a great job! Would recommend Dave to anyone.

| Moving in Chapel Hill

Todd P. Did a great job

| 5 | Moving in Apex

Kari M. Did an awesome job! Very friendly and willing to help! I will for sure hire Sweeps again because of Tyler and David. They helped me out tremendously! David is a keeper for this company for sure!!

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Allison W. Thanks for your help! Very nice and professional.

| Moving in Chapel Hill

Kristie L. David was amazing! So polite and very helpful...

| 5 | Moving in Durham

Mark P. Good quality work.

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Linda C. Right on target in doing requested work and very pleasant to work with.

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Joni P. David was great. He was really professional and helpful. I enjoyed chatting with him.

| 5 | Yard in Chapel Hill

Allie S. David was very flexible when the job description needed to be changed, and did a good job. A very pleasant young man : ) thanks!

| 5 | Tech in Chapel Hill

Laura W. It was great to catch up with David again--hadn't seen him for a while. As a sweeper, he's prompt and friendly!

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Will O. David was great. He did all sorts of odd jobs -- and did them extremely well. I recommend him highly.

| 5 | Anything in Chapel Hill

Jessica I. Thanks!

| 5 | Moving in Raleigh

Emily M. David was efficient and careful in moving my furniture. He did a great job!

| 5 | Moving in Carrboro

Sara S. Very polite and helpful. Took great care of items and were very kind.

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Maryann B. Seems like a nice guy.

| 5 | Moving in Durham

Alan W. Awesome experience with this moving job. A lot of furniture moving upstairs through a narrow stairwell. Not one nick on the wall. Very responsible and friendly. You could not ask for better help.

| 5 | Moving in Durham

Francine S. David showed up on time. He was polite and very helpful!

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Trent H. Amazing! Extremely helpful and respectful. A pleasure to be around!