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University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Business Administration and Management

I am from San Juan, Puerto Rico and was raised in Miami, FL. I just graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill about a week ago. I double majored in Business Administration and Chinese (Mandarin), and minored in History. My major interests include operations management and entrepreneurship.During the summer of 2014, I studied abroad in Kunming, China as a Phillips Ambassador enrolled in a Chinese language intensive program through CET Academic Programs. Last summer, I interned in San Juan, Puerto Rico with Ceramar, Inc, a wholesale frozen-foods distribution company, as a Sales Representative covering key customer accounts throughout the island. I currently work for Tar Heel Creamery, an entrepreneurial ice cream company located in Hillsborough, NC. We mainly work catering events and sell some of our products wholesale. I have a job that does not start until mid August, in Charlotte, and am trying really hard to find a job that can provide me with some extra cash between now and then here in the Chapel Hill area. I need a flexible job, because I am trying to go back home to Miami (and Puerto Rico) for a bit this summer, but I do not have any plans set in stone as of yet. I also want to be actively involved in the community this summer, so Sweeps would be the perfect fit for what I desire out of these next couple months.


Chapel Hill, Charlotte, Virtual


Currently, I'm not really involved in much since I just graduated from college. During the past 4 years though, I was heavily involved in the Undergraduate Operations Club at the business school here at UNC. I served as a VP for the club and was one of the founding members. I also tutored some of my fellow peers (helping them in their Spanish classes), and I volunteered for about a year at Estes Hills Elementary School in the after school program. I also coached CrossFit (through the "CrossFit UNC" club) during my first and second year of college. I enjoy lifting weights and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, so I'm regularly at the gym working out.


Moving Since I am an out-of-state student, I am constantly moving large, heavy objects into and out of rooms and cars. Moving is just natural to me: I do it a lot.


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| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Sam J. Hard-working, very affable; his trial by fire as a newbie to the field of moving; same as above

| 5 | Cleaning in Carrboro

Catherine D. Friendly and helpful, fun to talk to!

| 5 | Moving in Raleigh

Mary R. a real leader, hard worker, polite