Jonathan R. 3 Sweeper Level

5.0 (40 jobs, 15 reviews)


North Carolina State University, Development Economics and International Development

I enjoy working outdoors, and connecting with people. I am passionate about helping people in need, and I hope to someday work as economics affair officer where I can do so on a global scale.


Chapel Hill, Greensboro, Raleigh, Virtual, Durham



Moving Worked for a company called Redi-Care Movers last summer, which gave me the pleasure of helping people move.

Cleaning Willing to wash, sweep, scrub, and execute any cleaning task. Carried out custodial duties in my previous job.

Events As a Facility Operation Supervisor at NC State I have experience overseeing major events. (CPR/AED certified)

Yard I occasionally volunteer at habitat for humanities where I perform yard work such as weeding and lawn-mowing.

Anything Used to cut wood for a pizza shop, worked in a warehouse, and much more. Willing to perform any odd job.


Lawn Mower It's red and works wonders.

Leaf Blower Turbine Powerful Leaf Blower

Weed Trimmer Multi-Head System trimmer

Cleaning Pack Windex, rags and wipes.

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| 5 | Moving in Durham

Nicholas J. Hard worker.

| 5 | Moving in Durham

Gabrielle G. Jonathan was awesome to work with. He was really great to work with during our big moving day! Highly recommend - very professional, kind and nice to work with!

| 5 | Moving in Greensboro

Gabrielle G. So happy to have him on our moving team!

| 5 | Moving in Raleigh

Kelly N. Jonathan was very nice, professional, arrived on time and did a great job!

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Mary beth G. Jonathan was early for the job & super helpful!

| 5 | Moving in Cary

Bianca L. Great!

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Bianca L. Great!

| 5 | Moving in Raleigh

Courtney B. Jonathan was wonderful. Thoughtful and careful in the moving process. Highly recommend.

| 5 | Moving in Holly Springs

Yasmin D. Always willing to lend a hand to help where needed. Friendly & kind. Professional.

| 5 | Moving in Benson

Tiffany H. Jonathan was a serious hard worker! I was very impressed with his work ethic and manners. He worked nonstop.

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Delan G. Great

| 5 | Moving in Durham

Tammy R. All wonderful

| 5 | Moving in Raleigh

Andrew S. Fast and careful!

| 5 | Moving in Chapel Hill

Jeanine M. Easy to work with nice personality!

| 5 | Moving in Raleigh

Deandra G. Jonathan did an incredible job. The 3 flights of stairs at the first location were no joke and he knocked everything out with no problem. He was friendly and polite and it was apparent that they knew what they were doing. Amazing job!