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University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, MD

My name is Ming and I am a student at UNC Medical School, having just completed my undergraduate degree at Duke University. My passion has been the outdoors for as long as I can remember. I love rock climbing and backpacking and anything else outside.


Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Virtual




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| Moving in Carrboro

Charles D. 5 Stars! Xiangyu was a tremendous help with moving. He was timely, a hard worker, and friendly.

| Anything in West Orange

David O. Xiangyu W. did a great job and more than meet our expectations!

| Anything in

Dennis T. Ming did a great job! I was am happy with Ming because he took the time to research before helping with rewriting my answers on my project report. Thanks Ming!

| Organizing in Durham

Betsy E. Awesome. THoughtful, professional. would definitely refer him!

| Moving in Cary

Lisa B. Xiangyu did an excellent job! He did the job superbly and had an excellent attitude. I would hire again. I would also recommend him to anyone.

| Moving in Chapel Hill

Natalie B. Xiangyu was great!

| Moving in Chapel Hill

Karen B. ANOTHER GREAT WORKER. Very, very professional, polite, outgoing and knows the moving business. We were very satisfied. Next time we need help we will contact Sweepers!!

| Moving in Hillsborough

Patricia B. Ming was on time, friendly and worked hard.

| Cleaning in Chapel Hill

Anna S. Great job! Thank you

| Moving in Chapel Hill

Basil K. My dad was there throughout the process and said that Xiangyu was an amazing and efficient worker. Because of this experience with the Sweepers, I will be going back to them more. I already have recommended Sweeps to multiple friends because of how great this experience was, and I plan on using Sweeps for other work I will need in the future. Worth noting that my dad also reported both being very personable and easy to talk to, and doing the job properly. Worth noting that my dad also reported both being very personable and easy to talk to, and doing the job properly and both Sweepers improvised greatly when need be.

| Events in Cary

Barbara W. Excellent

| Cleaning in Carrboro

Catherine D. Great job by a friendly and interesting Sweeper!

| Yard in Chapel Hill

Betsy B. Not only do you send me charming Sweepers, but you sent me someone this time who went beyond the call for help. I thought I had everything I needed to install a new mailbox, but discovered it needed screws I didn't have. Ming went home and raided his own supply, brought them back, and finished the job. I really appreciate that kind of resourcefulness.

| Cleaning in Durham

Jess S. Super