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Stanly Community College, Respiratory Care Therapy/Therapist

I pride myself on working hard, trying to be the best at whatever I do, and always doing the right thing. I am in the respiratory therapy program at Stanly Community College.




I haven't been as involved in school as I would have liked because of my work schedule as well as my studies. Although, I do like to play basketball and golf with friends and family.


Moving I have moved several times in my life and also helped many of my friends and family move. Moving can be a very stressful thing, and I would find joy in my day if I was able to help them not stress as much.

Cleaning Cleaning is something I try and do at least once or twice a week. I am usually a clean person as far as my things, especially when I know someone else may use them. I try to always think of others when I clean, which drives me to clean the best I can.

Events I have had a decent of experience working events with an inflatable company within the last 3 years. I have helped move, stage, and maintain all different types of inflatables, as well as many types of carnival games.

Yard Of all the types of jobs available here at sweeps, this may be my favorite. There is something to be said about a hard days work in the yard and being able to look at the job you have done. A yard can reflect how disciplined a person. I have done all sorts of jobs while working in the yard, such as cutting grass, weed eating, blow leaves out of the gutters, and pressure washing a side of the house.

Organizing My organizational skills are something that I also pride myself on. I hate not being able to locate something that I need. I try to organize important papers and receipts. I even color coordinate my clothes and place clothes based upon where I wear them and the season it is.

Painting I have had experience painting with rollers as well as with small and large brushes. I have painted the whole wall one solid color and also incorporated painting a different color line on that wall.

Tech I can only perform more of the basic technology help someone may need.


Cleaning Pack I have rags, all-purpose cleaner, and a vacuum.

Leaf Blower I have an handheld leaf blower

Brushes I have paint brushes and rollers.

Power Drill I have a power drill and a couple of types of drill bits

Weed Trimmer I have a weedeater.

Tool Kit I have a hammer and multiple types of screwdrivers

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| 5 | Moving in Harrisburg

Tina W. Graham was very helpful and did a wonderful job! My husband was very impressed with him and he was a very hard worker!

| 5 | Moving in Charlotte

Taylor S. Graham was awesome! Early, super helpful and even stayed longer than had planned to keep helping. Efficient, friendly and a great worker!

| 5 | Moving in Charlotte

Champ C. Awesome

| 5 | Moving in Charlotte

Lisa N. Super efficient and so nice. Very professional.

| 5 | Anything in Charlotte

Denise C. I needed brawn, but Graham brought brains as well. Graham is a professional and courteous man I wouldn't hesitate to hire him again.

| 5 | Moving in Charlotte

Shea O. Graham and Richard were great!

| 5 | Moving in Charlotte

Matt C. Thanks for the help! Good luck in med school!

| 5 | Anything in Charlotte

Jason W. Great job.

| 5 | Moving in Charlotte

Drew B. Did a great job moving heavy items down a steep drive.

| 5 | Moving in Charlotte

Catherine L. Graham was very helpful on this project, very nice and a joy to work with.

| 5 | Moving in Charlotte

Deborah K. Very professional, efficient, strong, capable and polite...a pleasure to work with!