Austin H. 0 Sweeper Level

5.0 (16 jobs, 9 reviews)

University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Cell/Cellular and Molecular Biology

I am a first year dental student who enjoys cooking, gardening and reading. The majority of my time is spent in the kitchen making delicious dinners.


Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham


RHA, NRHH, Intermural sports


Moving I am physically fit and a hard worker. I will work until the job is completed!

Cleaning I am an extremely clean person and have worked numerous cleaning jobs before. I pay attention to detail and leave everything sparkling!

Events I have worked in a residence hall organizing and orchestrating events for peers. Event management is a passion area of mine!

Yard Last summer I spent weeks working an odd job doing garden work for an older woman. I lover gardening and she taught me a lot about plants and landscaping.

Organizing Organization is my life. I utilize a planner, color code everything and thrive with excel sheets.

Painting I have painted for my family numerous times. I pay attention to detail and always clean up after myself. I have repainted a kitchen for an odd job and did a fantastic job.

Anything I am handy and well rounded. Being an Eagle Scout i have had the opportunity to tinker with a lot of things and enjoy small tasks.


Pickup Truck 2015 Jeep Cherokee large back seat with lots of trunk space.

Cleaning Pack Tons of cleaning supplies, vacuum, mops, disinfectants

Brushes Brushes and rollers

Tool Kit Screwdrivers, hammer, wrenches

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| 5 | Yard in Chapel Hill

Linnea S. Excellent worker... accomplished more than expected.

| 5 | Events in Durham

Jason C. Great job Austin! Thank you for the help!

| 5 | Yard in Chapel Hill

Linnea S. Difficult and hot work, but great job!

| 5 | Cleaning in Durham

Kristen P. Timely and prompt. Did a great job!

| 5 | Cleaning in Raleigh

Jennifer S. Austin worked quickly and thoroughly, and was very patient and kind when my kiddo was chatting him up.

| 5 | Cleaning in Chapel Hill

Betsey W. So pleased with Austin's work; he did a beautiful job. Thank you, SWEEPS!

| 5 | Cleaning in Chapel Hill

Connie M. Excellent job. Hope Austin with work with me in the future.

| 5 | Anything in Chapel Hill

Rebecca C. Very polite. worked efficiently and pleasantly.

| 5 | Cleaning in Morrisville

Bindu P. Very patient and cool person. Taken up all instructions sincerely.