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Appalachian State University, Broadcast Journalism

My name is John Stych, I am a freshman at app state. I am new to North Carolina. My parents recently moved to huntersville, located right outside of charlotte, from Minneapolis, MN. I am quickly learning to love it here. I am a hard worker.


Asheville, Boone



Moving I recently helped my family move an entire house full of things from MN to NC and have often helped neighbors do things such as clean out their garage, attic or basement.

Cleaning I have worked at a couple of retail jobs and was responsible for cleaning the store. I have become pretty good at mopping sweeping and cleaning the bathrooms. I really actually enjoy cleaning.

Events I have some experience working as a caterer. I mostly worked serving appetizers.

Yard I ran a yard work business with my friend for 5 years in high school. We had 6 yards we were responsible for taking care of in our neighborhood.

Organizing No experience organizing

Tutoring No experience tutoring

Painting I have been on 3 painting trips with my church and am familiar with painting the insides of apartments and houses.

Tech I am pretty familiar with Mac computers

Anything I have been playing the guitar for about 8 years


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