Category Yard Work
Description General maintenance, weeding, planting, putting out mulch, clearing out some rocks in creek (a small amount, less than 1/2 wheelbarrow)
Equipment Needed none
Sweepers Requested 1
Sweeper Description Ben was the last person to work for me. He has knowledge of the kinds of things I need done b/c he was working on removing the same kind of weed in his yard that I have. I am willing to be flexible in time in order to have him help.
When and Where
Location Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Start Time Sat. Oct 01 at 9:00am
Time Estimate 9 hours
When Posted Friday, 09/23/16 07:11pm
Awarded Sweepers
Benjamin W.
Rating: 4.95 (110)
Benjamin W. (Rating: 5) Ben, as always, is professional, thoughtful, and focused on doing a great job. thanks!

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